Michael Robinson is an accomplished artist and writer whose images and themes are drawn from his native heritage. His work is magical and deeply spiritual. He brings us messages about life, history, and time. Michael shows us his world, his vision. It is a physical and spiritual place . The images are powerful and beautiful and help us to think about and see the possibilities of other realities, other worlds. The ancient teachings and traditions bring an understanding of our place and responsibilities to the Natural World. The choices that we make as individuals are critical for the continued existence of our world.

Michael speaks of trying to achieve a 'spiritual bond' through his writing and etchings. He speaks to our soul. That is the importance of his art. We are led to examine our assumptions about elements of our lives and to examine our assumptions about our world.

Michael Robinson's art is shown internationally and is included in private, public and corporate collections, notably the McMichael Art Collection, Canadian Museum of Civilization and Royal Ontario Museum.



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