John Doherty is a graduate of the Kingston College of Art in London, England. He emigrated to Canada in 1982. Stories and legends of the First Nations people drew him to research the culture. The obvious next step was to paint it. The real 'magic' for John remains in the relationship of Native people to the Natural World. It is a wonderful combining.

John paints on traditional media as well as leather, drums, wooden artifacts, carved birds and fish, antler, skulls. A watercolour wash is applied before finishing with ink detail. Bold colour, imaginative images, geometric design combine with text or teachings of ancient peoples to create powerful messages. The quality of John's work has resulted in very special commissions involving furniture and parts of buildings.

John Doherty truly makes unique art. His work delights, inspires and informs. We tell John the only thing that would make his art better is if he really was Mohawk.



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